Playing Online Sic Bo Like A Pro

How To Find The Best Sic Bo Online Casinos

You already know, we assume, about the importance of choosing the right casino from our list. We have prepared the most reliable and fun casinos for you so you can spend less time doing research and more time doing what you love. Now that you have decided where to play, we can get down to what.

People prefer Sic Bo for many reasons. After all, you can trust the wise guys who created most of the stuff we use today to provide a quality service. Sic Bo is in a sense similar to craps but it is more likely to attract your attention thanks to its simple rules and eye-pleasing layout.

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Sic Bo Rules

There are three dice with markings from one to six. Everyone teams up against the house. Sic Bo actually provides reasonable wins if you’re sure you understand what you’re doing, which is the reason this game is so popular with gamers all over the world.

You place your bets on top the corresponding section of the table. The dealer throws the dice. The bets can be set for one, two, or any number of bets or sum total.

The sum total bet pays out 1:1. Single bets (on one number that comes up on one of the dice) pay 1:1, two single bets pay out 2:1 and three – 12:1. The risk determines the size of the win. More risk means more potential winnage. Accordingly, the double bet (two numbers coming up at the same time) pays out 10:1. If three numbers come up on all three dice you get a 180:1 payout.

Advantages Of Sic Bo Game

  • Sic Bo is a very popular game which means you can always easily find a community somewhere nearby that will share your interests.
  • The rules are not complicated, so it’s easy to pick up and teach it to your friends.
  • Comes from a good games provider.
  • This is the game that came before all the rest.
  • Plenty of bets (check out Specific Alls).
  • Microgaming’s favorite.
  • …so on, so on, so on.

Why Playing Online Is Better

Do you like people breathing on your neck, taking your time traveling to a casino and paying for parking so you can wait for in a queue so you can play?

Sic Bo Online

There are undoubtedly advantages to playing offline. The emotions, the competitiveness, the colors…Nothing compares to the real experience.

Still, there is not much room for independent thinking in offline casinos (plus the benefits we listed above). If you know what you’re doing and you just want to earn some while having fun online gaming is better suited for you. You can do what you want at home and stop at any time, which is why a lot of people prefer downshifting in their work too.

In the end, the question you want to ask yourself is what you’re after. Playing online usually works out better for professionals and people who like comfort and plan ahead.

The choice, as always, is up to you – just make sure you make a sentient one.

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