The Most Popular Online Pokies For New Zealanders

New Zealand’s Top Online Pokies For Real Money

There is something incredible and fulfilling about pulling a lever, letting some-one else do the work for you, and waiting for inevitable fantastic payouts. Whoever designed pokies knew psychology very well.

Slot machines, otherwise known as online pokies, are the most popular and the least likely to die form of entertainment out there. In New Zealand, where gambling is legal and top online casino sites are a booming in-dustry, online pokies NZ are very much in demand. And yes, we have looked it up too in the Urban Dictionary just to be sure and we don’t mean jail (alt-hough there is logic to why it’s called that) or girl’s nipples.

The online gambling scene in New Zealand is also undergoing fast structural changes. Online casino companies here have been doing a lot of careful re-search into acquiring more customers. No wonder: gambling is the second larg-est business in the world in terms of payouts. Not only NZ pokies but also the top popular games like Blackjack and Roulette are getting more and more popular here by the day with places like Dublin Bet site and Magic Red casino.

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Online Pokies Rules

New Zealand is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to playing online pokies for real money. There is a huge (and we mean unthinkable) varie-ty of slots out there to suit anyone’s taste. The rules, however, that all slots have in common are very simple and take only a few seconds to learn:

  • Choose a good bonus (check out our bonuses section)
  • Choose a good casino (also take a look at our site’s other sections)
  • Choose the machine
  • Choose the number of reels on some machines
  • Choose the number of paylines (the more the greater your chances of winning)
  • Choose bet limits (use a fitting strategy)
  • Inspect the Paytable carefully (the shortcut is on the screen)
  • Hit the Start button.

Advantages Of Pokies Over Other Games

Live pokies games and all sorts of live games are now being introduced as the country’s infrastructure is picking up the pace. Fortunately, New Zealand is not victim to the strict regulations they have in other countries when it comes to online casinos. If you decided to go for pokies, deep down you probably al-ready know you’ve made the right choice. Still, let’s take a look at the reasons why.


Pokies are a loner’s sport: find a slot and no-one’s breathing on your neck longingly. Freedom is everything, and the opportunities are unlimited.

Big Wins

With Roulette the wins are proportional to the stake and the most you can get is up to 35X – plus table limits. With NZ pokies the chances of millions hitting you are always 50/50, so make your own conclusions.


While there are only a few variations of other games, there are so many slots around you couldn’t possibly play them all in your lifetime. Spoil yourself!

Set your own Pace

No pressure! Nothing kills the fun like people controlling you. You can take all the time in the world: maybe you’re a Zen Buddhist, a thoughtful person, or a chess player. Whatever your style, slots are comfortable with anything.

Ease of playing

Just a few buttons, and only one required to get going. Why bother studying professional poker for years if you can start winning straight away?

Why Playing Online Works

Now, these are just a few reasons why pokies are awesome. We’re not saying other games aren’t, but to us there is a clear case for pokies’ simplicity, en-joyment, and big payoffs. In business terms, this is a minimum investment, maximum dividend kind of deal. So how do you make the process even more enjoyable?

Pokies Online

Staying home has a bad rep with party-goers all over. Indeed, we think maybe staying in all the time with your curtains drawn reading conspiracy theories is not very good for your health. It’s good to get out every now and then. But staying in a couple of nights a week at least and playing casino games has its own advantages too.

  1. No time spent on travelling to the destination.
  2. No gas and parking spendage.
  3. No interruptions.
  4. Anonymity.
  5. Safety.
  6. People who are into PC games exhibit higher IQ than an average person ac-cording to the latest research, plus faster reflexes.
  7. Playing online helps you develop social skills too: there are few boundaries on the internet.
  8. You can go anywhere or be anything: access sites all over the world and with-out being limited by your geographical location.
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