Best Casino Games To Play Online In New Zealand

How To Find Top Online Casino Games For New Zealanders

Our site, which was designed specifically with our New Zealand players in mind, is delivers only the best quality of casino games to play and top efficiency and safety across the board.

While we are particularly proud of our pokies, we also offer the most popular and in-demand variations of casino games in the industry.

Casino Games Types For Gambling

Online Roulette, invented by The French back in the day by Blaize Pascal and aptly named “the little wheel”, quickly picked up popularity right after its appearance and soon became one of the best-known casino games in the world. Place your bets and watch a little ball roll around a wheel and end up on a certain section of the field. The winner is determined completely randomly. We recommend it to newbies and also to those who like really risking it all. The standard chances are 50/50 if you’re into all or nothing types of online casino games, but there is also a variety of other kinds of bets that allow you to fine-tune your odds and budget. This game is unriggable as well as very flexible.

Pokies have been popular forever since their introduction to Wild Wild West, where they looked like steel rods with cards stuck onto them. If you lined up enough symbols, you won. They spread so quickly through salons and shops all across the country that owners started all of them they could get their hands on and since then the industry never really slowed down. Today’s pokies are beauti-ful, sophisticated, and sometimes even better-looking than contemporary PC games. There are all kinds of pokies, including 3D ones, and features like multiply-ing and crawling wilds and never-ending Free Spins will keep you playing them forever unless you choose to stop. In terms of addictiveness they are currently outdone only by CS: GO and Just Cause, in our experience, although not by much.

Blackjack is one of the most agreeable card casino games around. It has probably the lowest house edge ever, meaning the casino takes the least from the player in this game, and its rules are ever so simple, making it perfect for beginners. It is also very suspenseful despite its seeming simplicity. Las Vegas Blackjack can pro-duce house edge of next to nothing (0.28%).

Don’t let the playful name fool you: Craps are an online casino game of great quality. This is also a game that can be accessible to new players as you only need to know a couple of rules to play and set your bets at any point in the game. At the beginning, players bet on a Pass or Don’t Pass and, depending on how the dice rolls the game unfolds and ends in some players' satisfaction and not others. Pass Bets (7 or 11) are pretty rare statistically, so we recommend learning the complete set of rules before starting.

Making Money Playing Online Casino Games

Before we begin, we have to tell you something anyone who’s been in the busi-ness for any length of time will tell you: casinos are not meant as means of making money. Casinos are entertainment venues. And as such getting money out of them in long-term is a tough casino game to play.

money casino

Whatever happens, get a good strategy, manage your bankroll well and do your research. Casinos do always win (which doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky once and for good), so you really ought to have a good plan and know the niche if you’re going in. We are all for doing a lot of recons, which can be done by famil-iarizing yourself with our demo games, risk-free.

Best Things About Online Casinos

If you’re not into second-hand smoke, like one of our friends said, and players banging on the tables shouting: “Monkey!” at each other, playing in the comfort of your home is a good idea.

Not only do you get to save time and gas money travelling to the location, you could probably keep your identity safe and come up with more than one way of benefiting from playing at top online casinos (having fun and getting paid for it plus maybe investing some of the money you win into stocks or Bitcoins).

Keep in touch, and we’ll keep you in the loop about the latest developments to the best of our not inconsiderable ability. Ta!

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