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Are you looking to play French Roulette online for real money? If you’re look-ing for the real experience (and by that, we mean playing Roulette, which was invented by the French, in French), you’re going to ultimately end up doing it right. Roulette is probably the most intriguing game ever invented. All of the Roulette number’s added up amount to zero. Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?

Let’s take a look at the rules and regulations governing this delicate process.

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The rules of French Roulette

If you’ve read our article on the American version, you’ll know the basic rules. They aren’t complex: the ball is dropped by the croupier onto a spinning wheel which contains pockets with numbers from 1 to 37. Whoever made the bet on a lucky number previously wins. If the ball ends up on a zero, everyone loses. Apart from the casino, which always wins anyway, but here it has an additional edge called the house edge, as in “the house always wins”. The main difference between The Ameri-can Roulette and the European and the French versions is that the American version has the double-oh status. Is this a reference to James Bond movies? We’re not sure. In any case, the double-oh game is full of danger and it always attracts a certain type of person. We never could imagine why you would ex-pose yourself to unnecessary risks, but there may be some appeal to it for people who are prepared to lose some money. IN the end, casinos make it very clear that they are not meant for money-making and that they are entertain-ment venues only.

The French Roulette also has a few insignificant differences in terms of the ta-ble layout, but the two most interesting rules about it are La Partage and En Prison. La Partage means that with even bets you only lose half of your bet. The French Roulette has a house edge which approaches 3% and in case of La Partage, it is half that. The EN Prison rule means that you will get another shot at getting your wins of the ball lands on zero. These rules are mined, we think, to soften the impact of losses and attracting the players to the French Version. We always said the French were awesome.

Why it’s worth playing the French version

Apart from a chance to learn the language of love, this version offers less dev-astation associated with the double zero found in American Roulette and nicer rules, which, in our eyes, makes it a perfect choice. It is indeed the most gentle version of the three, and yet the most powerful, containing all of their flaws and none of their weaknesses. If you’re looking for something to truly take your breath away, however, take a look at no-zero Roulette (but that will also come with its own nuances, so it’s great that there are guys like us out there). Little did you know, the Roulette originally had no zero until brothers Blanc added it so they could make some money. Which is the reason that every now and again the players fire blanks and hit zero?

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