Playing European Roulette For Real Money And Winning Big

The Best Guide To European Roulette Around

Are you after the best European Roulette around? What is the best version? How to find a game that will perfectly suit your needs? As you get immersed in the wild, wonderful, and undoubtedly juicy world of online gambling, don’t forget to keep updating your knowledge of theory and practice. European Roulette game is for the most part the same as its counterparts in the rest of the world, and yet studying the rules and making an educated choice could make the difference between a zero and a hero. Let’s go!

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What Are The Rules of European Roulette?

There is, as you probably already figured, a small wheel. Well, relatively small. It wouldn't fit in your pocket in case you wanted to take a souvenir home. It’s large enough to accommodate 37 pockets with numbers on them. In virtual roulette, the wheel and a table with bet sections are all shown on the screen (again we remind you about the importance of checking for software integrity, usually independent audits are good for that kind of thing).

The croupier (member of staff responsible for the game) takes the bets, which can vary in size and in terms of odds. Then the ball starts rolling and depend-ing on which pocket it lands the players win or lose. In this system betting on an event which will have two outcomes will get you a 1:1 payout (Red or Black). Betting on one number will get you a 35:1 payout (the single and the double \zero always mess everything up). European Roulette is quite flexible because there is whole variety of other bets (like corner and street bets which cover a few numbers). Revise the full list of inside and outside bets if you want to maximize your odds and minimize your spending.

European Roulette: The Main Difference

The zero is the subject of the article. The main difference of The European Roulette I set in it, compared to the European version, there is one less zero and therefore one less chance to lose. This is why we heartily recommend it. All other things being equal, the European Roulette variation is much more merciful. The French version is also slightly different, and it really helps to learn at least some French if you’re going to play it.

Why Is It Worth Playing?

European Roulette is one of the most demanded games around thanks to its simplicity, flexible rules, and merciful outcomes. It’s not unlike gladiator sports in ancient Rome: no-one knows the outcome until destiny decides where the ball lands. For that reason, there is always the element of healthy risk, un-like in games where players determine their own destiny. Because of that, it is one of the most interesting games we have ever known.

European Roulette

What We Suggest

We, as always, strongly recommend you take a look at the demo version and make full use of it. The demo version allows you to try out the new space and learn the ropes, which is strategically quite a good idea if you’re only begin-ning. We offer the best casinos we could find in New Zealand, and they all un-dergo rigorous testing, but you can never be too safe. Make sure you check out the functionality and the winning potential before you go for the real thing the same way American Navy Seals run operation rehearsal hundreds of times be-fore going for the real thing. Oh, and another article on particularities of Amer-ican Roulette is coming up. Read up and make sure nothing catches you off guard.

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