Play American Roulette For Free Or For Real: Rules Explained

Top American Roulette Casinos For New Zealanders

Do you dare to step up? The most exciting, dangerous, and seductive one yet, the American version of the French game roulette has possessed the minds and the hearts of the people for decades.

Famous for its double-oh status (which means the legendary double zero) and open gung-ho life philosophy, this game will really test your might. If you’re in for the ultimate adventure, you’re in the right place.

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The Rules Of American Roulette

Ok, so you probably already know all there is to know about online roulette because it’s pretty famous around the world.

The rules of American version are pretty simple: a very posh-looking table made of green felt, a spinning wheel, and the section dedicated to betting. The players bet on which section of the spinning wheel a small ball will fall, and a staff representative will finish taking bets and toss the ball onto the wheel, thus excluding any possibility of cheating.

American roulette is famous for the fact it cannot possibly be rigged (choose a safe casino when you play online), the betting rules are very simple plus yet there are more complicated variations, and also because it’s one of the more visual games where what happens happens right before your eyes.

These elements rightfully earned it a position as one of the most favored games in the world along with Blackjack with its simple rules and low house edge and slots with their maximum simplicity and generous payouts.

Roulette is known even to people who have never set a foot in a casino in their lifetime, it’s that good. Figures show that the numbers of roulette gamers are steadily growing, so before all winnings are claimed, let’s quickly recap every-thing you need to know so you’re not caught off guard.

What Makes The American Version So Good

There are 38 numbers in this version of the game, which are numbers 1 to 36 plus the zero and the double zero.

The numbers on the wheel are positioned in such a way as to make changes as even as possible: red follows black, two odd numbers follow two even num-bers, all red numbers are positioned against the black numbers, and so on. What’s not fair, really, is the double zero, which is designed to bring the casino even more money. The Roulette actually had no zero until brothers Blanc in-troduced them back in the day when they started thinking about profit, and now it’s happened again.

According to another version, the single zero version was introduced after the double zero one by brothers Blanc to make it more fair, but those rumors were spread by brothers Blanc themselves, so make your own conclusions.

American roulette New Zealand

If you’re into dashing adventures, go for the American version. We recom-mend softer rules for folks who aren’t into gung-ho stuff. Some tend to think the Roulette is called The Devil’s Wheel for a reason (all numbers added up to make 666), therefore there is no need to increase risks even further. On the other hand, there is a reason people join Navy Seal Training. Sometimes good stress can be good for you.

Our Demo Version of American Roulette: Play For Free

Use our demo version before you go for the real thing so you can try out all the functionality, learn the ropes, and get into a productive state of mind. Also make sure, as we said, to only stick with trusted casinos on our site. With some casinos out there the RNGs, Random Number Generators, are not very R, so make sure you’re safe and sound at all times.

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