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We’re proud that you’re considering choosing us (and you are if you’re read-ing this article). Let us tell you why we believe we are the best.

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Our Top Online Casinos

A country as delightful as New Zealand can boast a huge array of exciting things to do, from familiarizing yourself with the native tribes to zorbing and geothermal pools in Wai-O-Tapu. However, online gambling is quickly picking up popularity as one of the world’s most exciting way of getting thrills, and risking your money for some reason is hard to compare to anything that was invented so far in terms of entertainment.

Add to that the fact that online gambling is very safe and that you can get all the excitement of top online casinos from your living room – and you get a tru-ly irresistible way of catching your thrills.

One of the worst ways of gambling at top online casino sites with your money is finding a bad casino. There are a few out there who will hold on to their cli-ents’ money or play for time or offer substandard service, which is the reason why the whole business has a bad name.

We’ve carefully picked the best sites we could find around and made sure they are to your utmost satisfaction: safe, comfortable, and with the best functional-ity around.

Choosing only the top casino sites will help you stay safe as well as take ad-vantage of the best functionality across the internet (and we will have done most of the heavy lifting for you).

Demo versions of pokies are the best thing if you’re looking to check out a new casino and learn the ropes or if you’re testing a new software or looking for a good strategy.

With demo pokies, if you run out of credits all you have to do is reload the page. Stick with us so you can be safe, learn the best ways, and start getting paid to do what you love.

Why Choose Top Casinos?

There may be many reasons why you would like to gamble. Mostly people play so that they can get away and de-stress. Some are plain adrenaline junk-ies. Others want to make money.

In any case, going out there blind will leave you with a 50/50 chance of getting taken for a ride by someone who clearly doesn’t care about your feelings.

top casino in new zealand

We’ve seen it happen on multiple occasions, so, because we know that it’s best you stick with people who know what they’re doing, we recommend checking out our service first before you jump to conclusions. There’s nothing worse than healthy enthusiasm getting extinguished by someone’s cynical presence.

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ll appreciate all the latest fea-tures we have to offer, and, newbie or veteran, you’ll always find something of interest here. We help every New Zealand player earn and learn, and have fun while you’re at it. Does it get much better than that?

Finding Top Sites Around

So assuming that you’re sufficiently intrigued (since you’re still reading this), let’s take a look at an array of options available to you and ways of getting things done.

So how do you make your choice?


This is the most important thing ever, so we’re putting it at the top of the list. Always make sure you’re reading whatever you sign. There is no limit to the number of tricks we’ve seen conmen use over the years. Elusive conditions, fi-ne print surprises, size caps…you name it, there’s likely to be one of them somewhere. Always make sure you read documents associated with the pro-ject, and also all the stuff you can dig up.

Make sure you know where a casino comes from

One of the most important things about choosing the right top online casino is its activity log. Take a look at the reviews left by users (normally there are platforms dedicated to that kind of thing) – and cross-reference them, making sure you pick up on any history of fraud, delayed payments, and so on. Do users respond well to the name of a certain casino? Do they speak of it in de-lighted whispers? Do they despise it?

Your job is to make sure that if there is even the smallest indication of some-thing brewing, you get out there as soon as possible. Top rated online casinos work very hard to resolve existing issues and have great online support that will share any past events with you and discuss your insecurities or plans with the same level of enthusiasm.

Of course, perfect is hard to find, but keep looking – there are more good busi-nesses than bad ones out there.

How many games do they have?

We don’t need to tell you about this one, but still: if a casino has been in busi-ness for a while and it has next to nothing in terms of game variety – bad sign.

casino games new zaeland

If an online casino is new and not many games are displayed on the site – not so bad, but still new casinos are not as good as time-tested casinos. The best ones have plenty of games, and they are all on a reasonable level.


Another obvious one – and yet many people fall for casinos that promise the heavens and give you hell. Don’t go in for businesses that don’t have a license in the same way that you wouldn’t start working with an employer without a contract.

Everything has to be legal, otherwise, you risk losing everything in a day. Li-censes take ages to get and tons of money, thus ensuring the person who has one is ready and willing to provide a great service. Stay in the light.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Make sure currency conversion doesn’t catch you off guard. Are you getting paid with PayPal and then sending the money to your bank account, which will take ages to clear and hefty commission? Is your country on the list of countries supported by this casino and do you have the payment system that this casino supports? These are the questions you will regret not asking your-self post-factum. How do we know? Because at the beginning we’ve done all this, and we can assure you it’s better to come prepared.

Customer support

The support is one of the most important aspects of everything, from personal relationships to making tons of money. Top online casino sites are no excep-tion. The support is supposed to be on call 24/7 (that’s what they get paid for), polite, friendly, and willing to go to extra lengths. If they’re not, move on.

Like with everything else, conscious and intelligent people are hard to come across, but the payback is well worth it in the end.

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